Plant Stem Cell Day Cream w/ Peptides "Transformation"
Plant Stem Cell Day Cream w/ Peptides "Transformation"
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Plant Stem Cell Day Cream w/ Peptides "Transformation"

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This is truly a revolutionary product for the face and neck! Containing high-end ingredients, such as plant-based stem cells from the Acai berry, it works to turn your skin cells over quickly, and is anti-aging, always helping your skin to be renewed with new skin. This cream will diligently combat free radicals that are responsible for the contribution of breaking down the skin’s collagen, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, sun damage, dark spots and uneven skin tone. 

Tripeptide 5, which helps skin to retain moisture and look plumper as it rebuilds dermal structure; ultimately contributing to an improved complexion and more youthful appearance. This is because of a 3 poly-peptides chain which stimulates your skin to make more collagen, giving your skin more elasticity. 

The use of Meadow Foam Seed Oil is known for anti-aging benefits, and has the capabilities to soak right in, so that it does not sit below your makeup, and is not oily to the touch. This amazing formula will transform and nourish your skin and give you smooth, even skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and act as a barrier against further skin damage. It works well with the other background ingredients in this formula.

"Transformation" is scented lightly with Ylang Ylang  and Vanilla extracts, which have their own benefits as well:

Ylang Ylang acts as a healing powerhouse, boosting the regenerative process of the epidermis.  Ylang Ylang Essential Oil also works wonders to help regulate your sebum production. 

Vanilla works on the skin with added benefits of anti-oxidants and slowing signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and age spots. It also neutralizes free radicals, and reverses skin damage, 

Apply this amazing formula to a clean face daily with your morning skin care routine.

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