Facial Skin Toner - Variety
Facial Skin Toner - Variety
Facial Skin Toner - Variety
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Facial Skin Toner - Variety

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A facial skin toner's job is to gently prepare the skin after washing, and refresh without stripping it of its natural moisture. 

Toner rids the pores of residual make up, or left over soap that may still be on your face after washing, or environmental toxins, revealing a brighter and healthier complexation.

There are two varieties for you to choose from, depending on your skin type:

Oily to normal skin, made with aloe and chamomile, brightening the complexion by fading dark spots and reducing acne breakouts.

Dry to normal skin, made with rose and cucumber which helps to reduce inflammation,  sooth skin irritations and reduce swelling and redness.

Your pores will be tightened, your skin will feel refreshed and you will have an overall healthy glow with regular use.  

Use after washing face and before serum or cream, morning and evening. 

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